You might be wondering what exactly Super Mechas are. If you haven’t tapped into your inner geek yet, let’s define what exactly is a ‘Super Mecha’. Any large suit of robotic armor or super-sized Mechanized Armor Suit where the user is encased inside the suit, is called a ‘Super Mecha’. This can vary from the somewhat normally-sized Iron Man suit to the massive 80mt tall Gipsy Danger jaeger.
Many times we go about our day-to-day lives without complaint of all that besets us.
But what if you had control of an 80 mt tall Super-Mecha for your daily life? How different would it be? What would you do with it?
World-ending power in the palm of your hand or rather at the end of a playstation controller. Or if we are being really imaginative, a completely augmented holographical interface.
Let’s run through some examples below:-
-Every fantasy of blowing up your school would come true. Imagine going to school on the first day of the academic year after 2 months of the blissful summer holidays. And there in the distance lies a smoking crater and rubble of what was once your school. Imagine the cheers. It’s nearly enough to bring a tear to one’s eye.
-Traffic problems would be a thing of the past. At the helm of a “Super Mecha” you could leap or even walk over traffic. No more yielding to terrible buses. No more waiting in a traffic jam. No policeman in his right mind would even dare to ask you to pull over and show your papers. You wouldn’t be a victim of road rage. Since you can easily walk over traffic, you needn’t idle your engine and hence you wouldn’t waste fuel. Water-logging of roads would be mere puddles to the mighty “Super Mecha”. And last but not the least, you will be guaranteed to turn heads every where you go.
-The art of the pull would be an absolute doddle. A “Super mecha” unit would definitely help getting the attentions of the ladies. Who wouldn’t like a drive or a flight in an 80mt tall robot? Ladies, before you all gather arms, know that if you had one, every man would turn into a 9 year-old kid and just beg for a ride in the suit. Also this suit would be especially helpful for travel in any shady areas of the city.
-There are many games you can play whilst in the suit. One of the best games you can play would be “Toss that annoying honking car half a mile away”. You will no longer be bothered by big dogs or strays. You can go rail-car surfing or rather rail-car skating.
And if you have a friend who has something similar, you could then have an old school mortal kombat style showdown. You could also hire yourself out to the BMC for a part-time job knocking down derelict buildings. A job which you would do for free infact.
For all the kids who were bullied, revenge would be sweet. One atomic wedgie and the bully will be tasting elastic for a week. You could also practise carrom with all those nasty little rickshaws who refused to take you while it rained so hard that you felt that you were going to suffer water damage in your bones.
In conclusion, a “Super Mecha” would be just what the doctor ordered to cure the Monday Morning Blues.
Life would be an adventure worthy of a Hollywood film.
The world needs it’s “Super Mecha”. Geeks of the world unite! We need our own giant robots today.
By Aubrey D’Souza

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