Bad movies rarely startle Hindi film critics. Our job requires us to sit through some staggeringly awful cinema.  I've watched Mallika Sherawat turn  into a snake in Hisss and India's hilarious answer to Brokeback Mountain – Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun… I thought I had seen it all. Until I saw director Indra Kumar's ode to women empowerment – Super Nani. Super Nani stars Rekha as Bharti Bhatia, a painfully pious, wholly self-effacing mother and wife.  Bharti is the doormat to beat all doormats.  She worships her obnoxious husband, loves her rude daughter-in-law, will fast on behalf of her selfish son and is full of concern for her  unmarried daughter.  Bharti is such a maternal goddess that she even reduces goons to tears by feeding them ghar ka khana.  Of course her family takes all of this for granted and treats her like dirt.

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