Lior Suchard, the Master Mentalist, is visiting India again. Are you ready to witness supernatural activities, live on stage. From reading your thoughts to bending a spoon without touching, this man is capable to leave you in awe with his mind-boggling talent.

Excerpt from the interview with Lior Suchard.

Q: Welcome to India! How does it feel to be back in India?

A: It is always great to be back. I mean, the people are warm, the weather is warm (chuckles) and everything is fun.

Q: So, are you excited about the upcoming show?

A: It’s going to be crazy. I’m excited for two reasons. One, because I’m always happy to come back and surprise the people and the last shows were amazing. I mean they was unbelievable acts. The second reason is that I’ve actually developed a completely new show, new acts, new concepts, which means if you saw my show 4 times you should come and see it again because there are going to be completely new acts. New exciting acts and I can’t wait to show them.

Q: People know you as a ‘Supernatural Entertainer’. How does it feel like being a mind reader? Is it difficult or is it just a part of what you do?

A: ‘Supernatural Entertainer’ is kinda like my tagline. More accurate is a ‘Master Mentalist’. People know that I’m not threatening them. I’m not doing anything in a bad way. I’m always doing things in a positive way. There is always a lot of commenting, a lot of fun and a lot of audience participation. So, people are laughing all the time. They are not frightened. Sometimes, they look at me and say ‘what am I thinking of right now?’ because I know how to influence people. But the question is do I influence the thoughts or do they read my mind? It’s always exciting. It’s always fun to play with people’s mind.

Q: In one word how will you describe what you do?

A: Astonishment!

Q: You have performed for lot of celebrities. Who has amazed you the most?

A: First of all, I want to say, celebrities or known personalities are common people, just like all of us. We just recognize them from television, sports, etc. I’d done a show for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, at the same time, it’s like the two richest people in the world in the same room. It was exciting. But every celebrity and every person I meet has their own flavour and its exciting, and the memories of that are more superior.

Q: What is the most challenging part of what you do?

A: Challenging? Every show is a challenge. Because, I know what I’m going to do in the show but in between I’m improvising with the audience. Yesterday’s show for example, I got somebody from the audience and spontaneously guessed their ATM Pin number. It was very funny, because it was a financing company’s card. It was a funny thing. So the challenge is; how to get the people amazed, astonished, wonder and also laugh at the same time, without being frightened. So at every show something different happens and I’m very excited for the new one.

Q: What is your biggest milestone, till now?

A: Well, I’m a marathon runner not a sprinter. That’s why all my life I’ve had milestones. Every milestone is exciting and different. Every show is a milestone. It’s a change from show to show. And everytime I do something new, be it a television show or a big private show or a corporate show; meeting interesting people is a milestone for me. The best milestone is the end of the show, when people want to ask me tons of question.

Q: You developed the skill since a young age of 6. So do you practice continuously?

A: I’m practicing all the time.

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