With the onset of the previous decade, it became totally clear that the whole business of movies in India was radically changing, not only in terms of the movies being made, but the whole economic aspect which was going through a major transition. If we rewind just 15 years back, we will be reminded of the era of the single screen theatres, popularly referred as talkies. Nostagia! Well, they exist even now, but cinema screens have become quite frequented with the onset of multiplexes – A cinema hall having multiple screens and showing various films. It gives the audience freedom to choose their favorite flick at a single venue. Now there was no need to run around the whole city anymore, if you happened to decide all of a sudden to catch a different movie.

The trend by itself gained rapid momentum post-2000 and started changing the dynamics of film business at a rapid rate, making it even more global. Having first-resonated with the metropolitan/urban film goers of India, multiplex culture started cementing its roots in the lives of Indians, who are fond of going out with the family to watch their favorite movie. Perhaps, the correct timing for the popularity of multiplex culture is attributed to the fact that so-called new India was gaining more financial independence and the lifestyle of the common Indian was on upswing. Going to a multiplex with family, friends and loved ones soon became synonymous with the emergent lifestyle and made Indians feel good about their own lives.
Now almost all the major cities in India have multiplex chains and those who don’t, the multi-screens are going to arrive there soon. Actually, the multiplex experience provides numerous advantages in terms of facilities it has to offer and ensures that viewers have a good time. Now, a lot of multiplex chains have emerged in the country and the film business is flourishing like never before. Still, at times, one misses the old-age charm of the talkies which silently echoes of the era gone by. Nevertheless, the movie mania is always going to be closely-associated with the single screens when their favorite star appeared on screen and the audience used to scream and whistle! And yes, much has changes in India since the first talkie was made way long back .Now the technology has advanced to the stage that even 3D movies are getting made here. For now, all that can be said is that the dynamics of movie economics is grand and the possibilities of various kinds of movies getting made are much brighter as the producers/financiers now feel safe that there are high chances of them generating a profit, when they decide to invest money in a certain film.

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