24 - Telugu Movie Teaser

24 Teaser: 3 Big Details You May Have Missed

 The teaser of this year’s most anticipated film is out, and people can’t raving about it. The film we’re talking about is Vikram Kumar’s 24. The first look posters gave us an idea that this film would be a sci-fi film. The teaser now proves us right. The film is based on the concept of time travel. We are also introduced to the antagonist (played by Suriya) who is on a hunt for his watch. The minute-long teaser also gives us a glimpse of the movie’s leading ladies – Nithya Menen and Samantha. The movie also features AR Rahman‘s music and cinematographer Thiru‘s beautiful visuals. That’s not all though. Here are a few things you might have missed in the teaser:

Suriya’s different avatars
Suriya avatars - BookMyShow
Going by the first look posters of the film, it was evident that Suriya will play triple roles in this film. However, the teaser introduced us to six different avatars of the actor. Now, isn’t that something?!
What’s in a clock? 
Clock - BookMyShow
The teaser has a voice-over, which says, ”We both came from the same womb and that we were born within a gap of few minutes”. It also has the antagonist threatening a scientist for a clock. Looks like that clock is a secret time travel device.
Surprise Elements
24 Suriya - BookMyShow
Suriya’s 24 teaser is loaded with several intriguing elements. We see a shot of a hand with six fingers, Suriya portraying the role of a pilot, a bright blue-colored equipment and scenes featuring mirror effect. Clearly, the teaser has heightened our curiousity and we can barely wait to watch the movie and have all our questions answered.
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