Behold! A warrior princess is here to rule our hearts. She is powerful, commanding and majestic. Let’s bow down to queen Rudhramadevi!

Wondering what the buzz is all about? Then listen up, as we tell you about India’s latest historical movie. Rudhramadevi is a historical film based on the life of Rani Rudhrama Devi. She ruled the Kakatiya Dynasty in the Deccan Plateau in 1262-63 AD. Directed by Gunasekhar, this period film has been in the making for over 2 years. And now, after much anticipation and hype, the film is finally set to release. It stars the gorgeous Anushka Shetty, playing the lead role, along with Rana Daggubati and Allu Arjun. Primarily a Telugu film, this ambitious project also releases in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam. The film has been deemed India’s first 3D stereoscopic film. We give you four indisputable reasons to watch this movie.
1.  India’s Warrior Princess
Ever since she played the role of a princess in Arundhati, she made us realize that she is destined to play a character that gives her royal status. She then appeared as Maharani Devasena in Baahubali. Now, she’s back to enthrall the audience in Rudhramadevi. Playing the role of a queen requires an actor to be intense and powerful, yet seem caring and kind to her kingdom. And we’re certain that Anushka has this distinct quality. The role required her to engage in physical training before the start of the shoot, which is why the actress took sword-fighting and horse-riding lessons for nearly five months. Now, that’s what we call dedication! Apart from this, the actress has also donned real gold jewelry worth 5 crores! It is said to be the only Indian film after Jodhaa Akbar to have used real gold jewelry.
2.  An Epic Period Film
Telugu cinema is on a high! The film industry gave us this year’s most lauded film, Baahubali. S. S. Rajamouli’s film was high on content and had stunning visuals. The film paved the way for bigger and better films in the Telugu film industry. It gave scope for several filmmakers to envision a fantasy film. And now, Telugu cinema has got yet another epic film, Rudhramadevi. Director Gunashekar says he sought inspiration for this film from his history lessons in school. Some of the most notable historical films made in Tamil cinema are Veerapandiya Kattabomman (1959) and Rajaraja Cholan (1973).
3.  Popular Supporting Stars
After his menacing act in Baahubali, Rana Daggubati returns with Rudhramadevi. He will play the role of Chalukya Veerabhadra and will be seen romancing Anushka Shetty in the film. Telugu cinema’s stylish star, Allu Arjun is said to portray a character named Gona Ganna Reddy. The character is said to be a warrior chieftain and the Robin Hood of the film. Apart from Anushka Shetty, the film also stars Nithya Menen and Catherine Tresa. Three gorgeous women in one frame!
4.  Illaiyaraja’s music
Maestro Ilaiyaraja has composed some soul-stirring tracks for the film, that are in sync with the genre. The veteran music director had recently collaborated with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  
There you have it – 4 epic reasons to watch this historic film. Let us know your expectations from the film in the comments below.