How many times have you looked at on-screen couples and gushed ‘’Aww, don’t they look cute together ‘’. Some films produced demi-gods while others developed indistinguishably equal screen space for the lead roles. These charming and vivacious stars not only performed with zeal but also added an undeniable element to the film with their sizzling chemistry. Wouldn’t it be great if the National awards have a special category named: Best on-screen couple award. We list out 5 reel-life couples who could ignite us with their combustible on-screen chemistry.

Mani Ratnam gave the cult classic, Mounaragam, which dealt with an urban love story. He also cast Karthik and Revathi who crackled on-screen with their impeccable chemistry.  They went on to star in Idhaya Thamarai and Kizhaku Vaasal. Sadly, their collaboration ended when rumors of their alleged affair began to surface.
The master of class, Mani Ratnam, delivered yet another movie, laced with modern romance. Alaipayuthe is probably a movie buff’s wishlist fulfilled. It had pulsating music, stunning visuals and the essential element to top the list, the unpretentious chemistry the lead pair projected. The movie dealt with courtship and married life of Karthik and Shakti. With his charming looks, Madhavan became every girl’s dream boy. His on-screen collaboration with a natural performer like Shalini got everyone vouching for them as the next big thing. But this movie turned out to be Shalini’s penultimate release before she got married to her beau Ajith.
Arya and Pooja first starred together in the coming-of-age drama, Ullam Ketkume. Even though they weren’t the lead pair of the film, they were touted an adorable looking pair. They were later paired opposite each other in the satire, Oram Po and the critically-acclaimed Naan Kadavul. After the consecutive films they appeared in, rumors of a love affair began to spark. If this turns true, then the heart throb Arya might break hearts of several of his female fans.
Even though their first film miserably failed at the box office a decade ago, it dint stop them from teaming up for another. Simbu and Trisha starred in the 2010 romantic drama, Vinnaythandi Varuvaya which dealt with the complicated relationship of Karthik and Jessi. Simbu and Trisha’s portrayal as desperate and hesitant lovers lured the audience to connecting with them. Their chemistry was so heart-warming that we wish we could dance away with them on the streets of Manhattan in celebration of their nonchalant love.
Vijay Sethupathi-Sanchita Shetty
Men shouldn’t think of imaginary women and pretend to speak to her. Unless that man is Vijay Sethupathi. This is probably the most unconventional pairing you could ever imagine. The dark comedy, Soodhu Kaavum, featured Sanchita Shetty as the dynamic imaginary girlfriend. Their whimsical adventures in the film was loved by the audience so much, that it became one of the reasons for the film’s success.

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