No pain, no gain! Exercising is the only mantra to get fit. It may cause excruciating pain, may leave you with cramps, and tire you out. But working out consistently will definitely get you in shape and give you the desired results. Celebrities also follow this mantra. Be it for a role in a movie or with the aim to get fitter, some celebs impress us with their perfectly toned physiques. And we’re pretty sure these celebs spend hours in the gym to look like that. Their dedication is truly an inspiration for their fans. Let’s take a look at some of Kollywood‘s fitness freaks:

1. Arya
Thanks to social media, everybody knows about Arya‘s love for sports. The fitness and sports enthusiast of Kollywood loves to cycle. He has even won a medal at the gruelling Vatternrundan motorcycle race in Sweden. Now, the actor has professed a newfound love for surfing as well. Additional brownie points to the actor for promoting awareness about fitness and encouraging his fans to work out everyday.
2. Suriya
If there’s one actor who undergoes a full body transformation specifically for a role, it’s Suriya. From playing the role of a schoolkid to donning the role of a police inspector, Suriya has changed his physique to suit each role. And he works pretty hard to achieve that body. After all, he’s among the first Kollywood stars to sport six-pack abs.
3. Tanvi Shah
Apart from impressing everyone with her mellifluous voice, songstress and Grammy Award-winning singer Tanvi Shah is also a fitness enthusiast. She’s confessed her love for the ocean and surfing, but this pretty singer follows a workout regime as well. She recently shared a video of herself working out in the gym. Now, for those who are looking for some #MondayMorning motivation, you know whom to follow!

4. Samantha
One of the most sought-after heroines in K-town, Samantha has astounded us all with her looks and her unique sense of style. The actress also works out to get the ultimate toned body. She switches between heavy intense workouts and light workouts, and tries to maintain discipline.

5. Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson mesmerized us with her stunning looks and perfectly toned body as a model in ‘I’, and has won herself several fans. The UK beauty believes in the mantra “Dedication is the key to success”. And we’re pretty sure this is her secret to staying fit. When she’s not doing her intense workout, the actress practices yoga or goes for a swim.
"It isn’t how hard you hit…it’s how hard you get hit and keep moving forward," said the immortal Rocky Balboa. And our Kollywood stars are following in his footsteps.