Possibly the most anticipated movie of the year, Kabali, has released with the pomp that other films can only dream of. Rajini’s movie is a hit with the audience even before it hits the theaters. Kabali released in three languages in India – Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. And all the three language audiences will enjoy this movie thoroughly. As far as the reasons go, honestly, if you chant the name Rajinikanth five times, you instantly get five reasons to watch the movie. Nevertheless, if you are still looking for reasons to watch this flick, we give you five solid reasons to watch Kabali.
The charming swagger of the Superstar
Non-Tamilians may not be able to appreciate what a phenomenon Rajini is, and it’s probably because we haven’t seen him much in his natural habitat – a movie screen. Rajini does no wrong. His charm and innate swagger seem to get better with age. Kabali is not like his older movies – his signature movements and over-the-top gestures are pleasantly missing. When he is on the screen, you can look at nothing else. Watch Kabali to realize the charisma of the Superstar. When people cheer for his entry or when he delivers the dialogue, you cannot help but feel the man’s power.
Rajinikanth in Kabali - BookMyShow
Surprising package – performances
Rajinikanth’s movies are usually known to have ridiculously unreal action sequences. While many of us watch the movie for those, it may induce a headache at times. Don’t be disappointed. The action scenes are super, alright. But the movie has surprisingly good performances. Rajini plays a gangster his age. In certain portions of the film, he plays his younger self. He is totally believable in both those roles! Radhika Apte seems to be on an impressive acting spree. Apart from that, the supporting cast – John Vijay, Dinesh, Naseer, Dhansika – have done a good job, too. Watch Kabali for the performances of almost everyone in the film.
Supporting cast and Rajinikanth in Kabali - BookMyShow
Music is kickass!
Be it Neruppa Da (Aag Hun Main) or the background score, the music complements the movie and the scenes. There are not too many songs, and while that is a great thing, the music of the movie is powerful. Watch Kabali in the theater so that when Rajini walks out of a fight sequence, with his swag unmoved, the music and the visuals make you sit back in awe. Check this out, if you already haven’t.

Pa. Ranjith’s writing and direction manage to shine throughout
Pa. Ranjith has taken an interesting premise – the troubles Malaysian Tamilians face while working in Malaysia and a cool gangster with his heart in the right place, who doubles up as a messiah – and has made an entertaining movie, to say the least. At a certain point, the exaggerated swagger starts making sense. Don’t miss the scene towards the end, when Kabali sits on Tony Lee’s sofa and tells him pointblank that he likes to succeed because people like Tony Lee don’t want him to succeed. The Chinese gangster makes fun of Kabali, and compares him to a dog (because, you know, Indian). Kabali’s response is simply awesome and is bound to give you goosebumps. Watch Kabali for the terrific writing and the direction.
Rajinikanth, Young Kabali in Kabali - BookMyShow
Entertainment and fun
You’ll have to be a real cynic with a terrific will power to not enjoy this film. You’re an intellectual who doesn’t like to watch leave-your-brain-at-home movies, is it? Well, this is no ordinary movie. Rajini aside, swagger aside, and action sequences aside, the movie manages to be an entertaining watch. So, even if you are not a Thalaiva fan, you can still walk out of the theater feeling entertained and satisfied with yourself that you chose to watch Kabali. 
So, this weekend, make way for Thalaiva!