Holi – the festival of color, happiness and fun! Bollywood is known to capture the true essence of Holi and including a special Holi song is part of most Bollywood films. But our South cinema is not lagging behind either. Tamil cinema has also included several Holi songs that have the audience loving this colorful fest. As the city gears up to celebrate Holi, we bring you a list of Tamil movies in which the festival of colors was showcased.

1. Po Indru, VIP (2014)

Although there isn’t an entire song dedicated to Holi, there is a particular song sequence in which Dhanush and Amalapaul smear color on each other. While Amala Paul seems to be enjoying playing Holi, Dhanush admires her. 
2. Potta Pulla, Cuckoo (2014)

Though this movie is centered around two visually-disabled people, the festival of colors is celebrated in an integral part of the film. The beautifully framed shot in which Dinesh and his friends enjoy playing with the color captures the very essence of the festival. 
3. Melala Vedikudhu, Aarambham (2013)

Ajith and Rana Daggubati are two people who know how to thoroughly enjoy Holi, at least that’s what is seen in this song. They know how to pin their victim and smear color on her! Yes, the duo chase and corner Nayantara and finally succeed in their mission. This sequence turns into a fun dance number. This song is certainly apt for the high-spirited festival.
4. Deewana-Deewana, Gemini (2002)

Picturized on a Marwari girl living in Chennai, the Deewana-Deewana song features Kiran enjoying Holi with her family. The song adds a North-Indian touch to it.
5. Unaal Unaal, Ambikapathy (2013)

The Tamil version of Raanjhanaa featured several beautiful shots, but there was one particular shot which was truly memorable. The shot features Sonam Kapoor applying color on Dhanush, and he becomes awe-struck. Imagine a beautiful girl like Sonam approaching you on Holi. Wouldn’t you be stunned too?
6. Oday Oday, Raja Rani (2013)

Dressed in white, Nazriya and Arya celebrate Holi in the song Oday Oday. The rain sequence adds to the fun in this song. 
Which is your favourite Holi song? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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