If you’re someone who watches Tamil movies regularly, you might be aware that films these days are setting the trend of having a short run time. Earlier, the films had a runtime of over 2 hours 30 minutes, but this is changing. Apart from that, directors insist on chopping a few scenes in the editing table. These scenes may not directly add to the plot of the film. However, the makers of the film have found a new way of releasing the scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut by posting the deleted scenes on YouTube. Here’s a look at some deleted scenes from your favourite films: 


The sequence that featured Vijay’s role as an activist was something we don’t see regular masala action heroes do. It was truly an eye opener. The flashback sequence also gave us some whistle-worthy dialogues. In this scene, a group of villagers decide to change their name if their drought-hit village is supplied with water.  

This scene from the Suriya starrer Masss wasn’t exactly deleted from the film, but appeared in only limited regions. It appeared during the end credits of the film. You get to see Suriya and Nayanthara play the role of parents of a school-going boy.
Irudhi Suttru

One 2016’s most loved film, Irudhi Suttru, won the attention of the audience with its unusual theme that revolved around a boxing coach and his student. If you thought that Madhavan and Ritika Singh’s aggressive performance wasn’t enough then these deleted scenes from Irudhi Suttru film may make you like the two even more!
Pasanga 2

Director Pandiraj’s Pasanga 2 revolved around the concept of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and how modern day parents recognise it with the help of a psychiatrist. The film shone light on the education system in India. This scene features Suriya speaking to Karthik about relationship issues and how one needs to treat the woman of the house. Quite different from the theme of the film.

Karthik Subbaraj’s Jigarthanda is a crime-comedy that also worked as a meta film as well. The film also gave Bobby Simha his first National award for portraying the role of a gangster named Assault Sethu. This scene features Siddharth’s first indirect meet with Assault Sethu. A deadly encounter indeed!

Madras brought out the true essence of North Madras. The romantic track between Karthi and Catherine Tresa made us smile. However, have you ever wondered when these two encountered each other first? This scene from the film will truly surprise you. 
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