The lockdown has us introspecting a lot about our lives right now. Frustration and restlessness aside, are we in fact-finding comfort within the four walls of our homes and maybe a little apprehensive about stepping out again? As we sieve through these mental processes, let’s take a look at these Tamil movies that also evoke some strong thoughts, all set in a rural and charming background.

Kizhakku Cheemayile (1993)

P Bharathiraja, a prolific exponent of meaningful village-based narratives gives us a moving and emotional drama with Kizhakku Cheemayile. While the film beautifully captures the sentimental bond between a brother and sister, it also reveals deep-rooted prejudices of caste and gender that is prevalent in the rural framework. Kizhakku Cheemayile was the first collaboration between A R Rahman and Bharathiraja and the album replete with traditional folk tunes was a huge success. Furthermore, the involved acting performances of Radhika Sarathkumar and Vijayumar also helped the film gain blockbuster status.

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Karuthamma (1994)

Dismayed at his third child also being born a girl, a farmer heartlessly decides to end her life. This ruthless act comes back to haunt him and to impart some hard life lessons many years later. Another Bharathiraja masterpiece, Karuthamma is a stirring look at female infanticide and its deadly effects. The film garnered much critical acclaim and created such a huge awareness about this rampant issue that the Government of Tamil Nadu was initiated into framing new laws and policies to stop this heinous crime. With melodious tunes by A R Rahman, Karuthamma has been hailed by many and by Bharathiraja himself as one of his finest efforts.

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Karakattakaran (1989)

Karakattakaran is a rustic love story which has a genuine feel of “mann vaasanai” or smell of the soil. Two Karakattam dancers played by Ramarajan and debutant Kanaka are besotted with one another but unable to confess their feelings due to their personal pride and ego. While the story is simplistic, the brilliant soundtrack by Ilayaraja, the authentic folk dance sequences and the iconic comic track of Goundamani and Senthil ( their 100th film as a duo)make the movie a wholesome entertainer. Karakattakaran was a huge crowd puller and became a cult film in the genre.

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Paruthiveeran (2007)

Karthi in his debut plays a brash young villager who falls in love with a young girl (Priya Mani) after saving her life. Unfortunately, their families vehemently oppose their union causing them to elope which leads to dire consequences. Paruthiveeran is a violent and unnerving film that poses uncomfortable questions on caste segregation and dangerous stereotypes that exist in villages even today. Priya Mani won the National award for her raw and riveting portrayal of Muththazhagu and Karthi proves his family pedigree with an assured performance.

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Mundasupatti (2014)

A Tamil period comedy with an interesting premise, Mundasupatti narrates the story of Gopi, a photographer played by Vishnu Vishal who attracts trouble during one of his jaunts in a remote village where photography is looked upon as a bad omen. To complicate matters further, Gopi sets his sights on the chieftain’s daughter Kalaivani, played by Nandita, thereby creating an uproar in the village. Mundasupatti benefits from a fresh screenplay and quirky characters whose eccentricities make for many humorous segments. The film also reveals blind assumptions and superstitions in a jovial manner.

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Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam (2013)

Another film about comical mayhem and humorous repartees, Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam deals with a group of wastrels led by Bosepandi (Sivakarthikeyan) who are chronic troublemakers in a village. When Bosepandi realises that the village chief’s daughter whom he loves is to be married to someone else, he uses his guile to outwit the chieftain who is his nemesis and win his lady love back. The movie works for its cohesive ensemble cast who feed off each other very well to create many genuinely funny moments. Sathyaraj as the village chief is perfectly cast and as expected, does a fabulous job.

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We hope you enjoy what these films have to offer. Keeping scrolling right here for updates on all your favourite movies and continue to stay safe!