7 Best Tamil Films To Stream With The Siblings In The Lockdown

Someone aptly once said, “Siblings are the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.” Whatever be the situation, pandemic, lockdown and the like, we can always count on our siblings to energise and fortify us when we feel low. Spend the perfect day with your brother or sister watching the following Tamil films based on siblings.

Namma Veetu Pillai (2019)

Arumpon (Sivakarthikeyan) is a simple villager who dotes on his adopted sister Thulasi (Aishwarya Rajesh) and supports her through thick and thin in spite of her being despised by members of the family. However, when he is forced to arrange her marriage to a crude local goon whom he loathes, situations get complicated. With a good dose of humour, sentiment and action, Namma Veetu Pillai is an enjoyable watch despite a screenplay that could have been more coherent.

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Vettai (2012)

Gurumurthy and Thirumurthy (Arya and R Madhavan) are two brothers who are polar opposites. Thiru is incongruously soft and timid for a police officer who uses the skills of his younger brother Guru a jobless ruffian to go up the ladder. During a particularly brutal incident where Thiru is violently attacked, Guru realises that his brother needs his mental and moral support rather than physical protection. Madhavan and Arya are sound choices to establish the dichotomy of the brothers and do justice to their characters.

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Vaali (1999)

Vaali narrates the story of identical twins Deva and Shiva played by Ajith Kumar with Deva being deaf and mute. When Shiva marries the girl of his dreams (Simran), Deva develops a dangerous fixation for her. In his desire to covet his brother’s wife, he loses all sense of reason. Vaali has its fair share of compelling moments, especially in the well-scripted climax. The movie was also a stepping stone in the careers of Ajith and Simran, elevating them to superstardom.

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Thambi (2019)

When a con played by Karthi is commissioned to act as a long lost brother in a family, it opens up a can of worms and uncovers deadly secrets from the past involving the parents (Sathyaraj and Seetha) and the sister played by Jyothika. Thambi benefits from an interesting story and a tight screenplay which culminates in an intriguing climax. Sathyaraj, as usual, is solid and dependable in a well-written role. Karthi and Jyothika who share a familial connection, in reality, feed off each other naturally.

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Apoorva Sagotharargal (1989)

One of Kamal Haasan’s unforgettable films, Apoorva Sagotharargal features the thespian in the dual role of twins separated at birth. When Appu, a dwarf playing a clown in a circus learns of his father’s brutal slaying at the hands of criminals, he avenges his death by hunting them down. Pandemonium occurs when Raja, his twin enters the picture and accidentally becomes the pawn in the hands of the police. Apoorva Sagotharargal is a rollicking laugh riot from beginning to end thanks to a masterful performance by Kamal Haasan and his dependable supporting team of Delhi Ganesh, Janakaraj, Nagesh, Nasser and others.

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Kizhakku Cheemayile (1993)

P Bharathiraja, a prolific exponent of meaningful village-based narratives gives us a moving and emotional drama with Kizhakku Cheemayile. The film beautifully captures the sentimental bond between a brother and sister whose relationship is tested when the sister’s husband disapproves of the relationship. The film also reveals deep-rooted prejudices of caste and gender that is prevalent in the rural framework. Replete with traditional folk tunes by A R Rahman, the film gained a blockbuster status for its involved acting performances of Vijaykumar and Radhika Sarath Kumar.

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Sivappu Manjal Pachai (2019)

In Sivappu Manjal Pachai, Siddharth plays Rajashekhar, a traffic cop who clashes regularly with a brash street racer played by G V Prakash Kumar living in a slum with his elder sister. When he realises that Raji’s marriage is fixed with his nemesis Rajashekhar, he is angered and perturbed. Forced to tolerate and help each other through difficult situations, the two protagonists form an unlikely connection. Both actors slip into their roles with ease and bring out the nuances of their characters competently. The film also received a good reception at the box office.

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Give your siblings a hug today and keep streaming your favourite movies right here.

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