Celebrity break-ups might seem like a dime a dozen. And link-ups, gossips might seem normal in the life of a celebrity. But, getting your heart broken is one of the worst things that could happen to a person, even if you’re a celebrity. And there have been many star-studded break-ups in Kollywood that have made news. We list a few celeb break-ups that have shocked the audience:

Trisha Krishnan – Varun Manian
This was the most recent break-up that shook tinsel town. After breaking hearts of her fans Trisha finally announced that she was going to tie the knot with business man Varun Manian. The news of their split began to surface soon after their engagement and recently became official. The exact reason behind their break-up is still unknown. However, it is said that Varun’s family weren’t pleased with Varun marrying an actress. 
Trisha Krishnan – Rana Daggubati
The macho Rana Daggubati and pretty Trisha looked like the perfect match and well-wishers anticipated that they would tie the knot. But the couple soon broke-up. Though, Rana’s recent tweet to Trisha after her break-up fueled rumors of them getting back together. 
Great looks, success and talent, this couple had it all. Everything seemed picture perfect for them. Rumor mills also suggested the couple would tie the knot soon. But things came as shocker when they split. Although nothing was  announced officially, both actors took to twitter and hinted about their split. The reason for the split still remains unknown. Siddharth previously dated Shruti Haasan.
The ladies man, Simbu wanted to tie the knot soon and he wanted the world to know it. Hansika and him announced on social media that they were in love. In 2014, the actor came clean about his break-up and even released a press statement. They cited personal differences as the reason behind their split.
Nayantara-Prabhu Deva
The news about this break-up is quite old, but Nayantara and choreographer/director Prabhu Deva were the most talked-about couple. This was mainly due to the news about their marriage. Nayantara even inked Prabhu’s name on her hand, converted to Hinduism and was ready to quit films, just for the sake of love. The Tamil audience were shocked when the couple announced their split. Post her break-up  and a brief hiatus, Nayantara went on a film-signing spree and regained her numero-uno position in the film industry. Nayantara previously dated Simbu.
Selvaraghavan- Sonia Agarwal
After working together in Kadhal Konden and 7G Rainbow colony, director Selvaraghavan and heroine Sonia Aggarwal’s friendship blossomed into romance. After living together for three years, the couple took nuptial vows and got married. Their marriage didn’t last long and the two split soon after. They cited mutual incompatibility as the reason of their split. Selvaraghavan is now happily married to Getanjali.
Anirudh- Andrea
The leaked pictures speak for themselves. We rest our case.