Film makers and production houses announce their upcoming films in a grand way and make sure the public is fully aware of it. The announcement of these films create a lot of buzz and eventually increase the hype surrounding a film – especially when it stars an A-list cast. Although the launch of these films create a resonating effect, the hype surrounding a few films have slowly faded. Mainly because these films never see the light at the end of the tunnel. While some filmmakers have officially announced that their films are temporarily shelved, others refrain from commenting about the same. We list down some of the significant projects that have been shelved:

1. Marudhanayagam
Shelved since: 1997
Featuring Kamal Haasan in the lead, this magnum opus project was launched in a grand event in 1997. The guest of honor at the event was none other than Queen Elizabeth II. With Kamal Haasan directly handling the script and story, the film was to be co-produced by the British company. A few scenes of the film were canned, until the production company decided to stop associating itself with the film. This in turn led to the film being shelved. However, recent rumors have concluded that the film will be revived. But no progress has been made ever since.
2. Jaggu Bhai
Shelved since: 2004 
After the major debacle of Baba, Rajinikanth was looking to revive his sinking career with a new film. Nearly two years later, he joined hands with his friend and filmmaker, K. S. Ravikumar to work on a project titled Jaggubhai. Aishwarya Rai was roped in to play the female lead. But the film didn’t materialize because its plot was too similar to Rajinikanth’s previous film, Baashha
3. Rana
Shelved since: 2012 
K. S. Ravikumar and Rajini also teamed up to make a historical action film, Rana, in which Deepika Padukone was to play the female lead. The film’s shoot did begin, until Rajinikanth’s health began to deteriorate and the film’s shoot was halted.
4. Kodiesvaran 
Shelved since: 1996
Said to be  a high-budget film, Kodiesvaran was supposed to mark the launch of Eby Kunjumon, son of popular producer, K.T. Kunjumon. The film was said star Simran in the lead role. It was said to feature Bollywood star Karishma Kapoor and singer S. P. Balasubramaniam in cameos. The film failed to release due to financial constraints. 
5. Chennai Ill Oru Mazhai Kalam
Shelved since: 2003
Gautham Menon teamed up with Trisha to deliver an urban film. The story was supposed to revolve around the challenges associated with the IT world. The film’s shoot was shelved nearly 40 percent after it was shot. The reasons behind it are still unknown.
6. Abu Baghdad Gajadonga 
Shelved since: 1999
Chiranjeevi was roped in to play the read role in an Indo-Hollywood project, titled Abu Baghdad Gajadonga. Directed by Suresh Krissna the shoot of this film was shelved due to protest by religious groups, claiming that the team dipped the papers from the Holy Quran, to make it look like ancient scripture texts.
7. Narthanasala
Shelved since: ’90s
Nandamuri Balakrishna decided to remake NTR’s classic film of the same name. The film was launched in a grand manner, but was eventually shelved due to the sudden demise of the film’s lead actress, Soundarya. Ballaya recently revealed that he has no plans on reviving the film.
8. Karikalan
Shelved since: 2012

Vikram was said to star in a magnum opus period film was to be pictured on the life of the chola king Karikalan. After the first schedule the trailer of the film was released, and it sure did look promising. But the project was eventually stalled later. Rumor has it that the makers of the film might resume shooting very soon. The film was also said to feature Bollywood actress Zarine Khan.
Will these films ever be released? Will they still star the same actors? We’ll have to wait and watch. Which film are you most excited watch? Do let us know in the comments.