30%Overall Score

Cocktail directed by Vijaya Murugan is the third Tamil film after Ponmagal Vandhal and Penguin to get a direct release on the OTT platform, this time on Zee5. Produced by PG Muthaiah and M Deepa, the film stars Yogi Babu, Reshmi Gopinath. Mithun Maheshwaran, Sayaji Shinde and KPY Bala among others with music by Sai Bhasker.After a night of inebriation in an apartment, four friends wake up to find themselves with a dead body of a girl with no clue of how and when the incident occurred. As they figure a way out of the compromising predicament along with a cockatiel bird in tow, they accidentally get embroiled with a criminal attempting to sell an ancient artefact with the police on his heels. How the two plots align in the chaos forms the crux of the narrative.

A muddled script deters the story

While the premise of Cocktail is interesting, the story and screenplay packs in too much information that never pulls together in cohesion. Both plots that are meant to intertwine are weakly written and fail to form any sort of link. As a result, we get a confused and disorganised storyline that drags on excessively. For a thriller, there is hardly any mystery or suspense. Furthermore, the bird on whom the film is titled is a mere prop and does little to enhance the plotlines.

Crass and pointless humour is a dampener

Cocktail is further let down by mundane humour that is the weakest link of the film. The jokes oscillate from being vacuous and boorish to commonplace and boring. For actors like Yogi Babu who has portrayed some memorable humorous characters on screen, this effort is a forgettable one. The ensemble cast doesn’t pull their weight and the talented Sayaji Shinde is wasted in an unimpressive role.


Cocktail has nothing going for it except a decent idea. Watch it at your own peril.

Director: Ra Vijayamurugan
Cast: Yogi Babu, Sayaji Shinde.Reshmi Gopinath, Mithun Mageshwaran, KPY Bala
Music: Sai Bhaskar
Language: Tamil
Streaming on: Zee5