When the trailers of Thani Oruvan were first released, we were definitely intrigued. It had sleek cuts, thought-provoking punch lines  dialogues and an innovative plot. They definitely made the movie look promising and thus making it to our list of most-awaited-films of the year. And when the film finally released, it didn’t let us down. In fact, it was better than what the trailer had promised. The thriller flick worked well with audience and critics alike. The positive word-of-mouth led further to the movie’s success. We tell you what we liked about Thani Oruvan the most:

Breaking the Stereotype 
A good crime-thriller almost always banks on a perfect depiction of the tension between the protagonist and the antagonist for its success. Thani Oruvan also focuses on it too. The only difference – it breaks the hero-villain paradigm. You’re curious to know what either is up to next. And, this is the strength of Thani Oruvan. 
Siddharth Abhimanyu – The Stylish Villain
Villains come and go, but a menacing one like Siddharth Abhimanyu stays in your mind long after the movie ends. Aravind Swamy played this role with such intensity. He’s stylish, sauve and a genius scientist – with evil intentions. Credits to M. Raja and the writers of the film for sketching an original character with so much dimension. The actor proved why Tamil cinema missed his presence all these years.
The Mohan Brothers
After treating the audience to one remake after the other, director M. Raja delivered an original winner. The swift pace and tone worked perfectly for the movie. The way the filmmaker introduces the characters proves he knows a thing or two about establishing them and building curiosity. He manages to avoid forcefully including a comedy or romantic track.
Jayam Ravi plays the role of a perfect officer, whose motto in life is to kill evil.  This hard hitting dialogue made quite the impact – “Tell me who your enemy is and I’ll tell you what you are capable of doing”.
The Story
Jayam Raja teamed up with writers Subha to give us a hard-hitting and intense story like Thani Oruvan. The epic cat-and-mouse chase between between Mithran and Siddharth Abhimanyu resulted in a engaging thriller.  
What did you like most about Thani Oruvan? Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Let us know your views in the comments below.