Funniest Dance Moves in South Cinema

 Indian films are almost incomplete without dance sequences. They are fun to watch, and they give us a break from the intense mood of any film. While some films feature lead actors performing their trademark steps, other’s have actors setting trends by performing new dance moves. Whether it is simply running around trees or performing heavy acrobatic stunts, dance moves can make an actor very popular. 

Some of the popular dancers of South cinema are Vijay, Allu Arjun, Prabhu Deva and Simran. But what about those stars who are better at acting (not necessarily) than dancing? These actors may not be phenomenal dancers, but they have impressed the audience with their peculiar ways of dancing. On the occasion of International Dance Day, here are some of the funniest dance moves in south cinema.
1. Nandamuri Balakrishna is certainly Tollywood’s superman. There’s nothing he can’t do!
Famous for: Freestyle Bharatnatyam. Haven’t heard about this form of dance? Then you will now!

2. How can this list not have Sam Anderson
Famous for: Making his dance moves seems like a shoulder pain by moving it innumerable number of times. 

3. Rajinikanth’s simple dance moves helped every 90s kid learn how to hold their own on a dance floor.
Famous for: Dancing effortlessly like a robot!

4. Senthil’s fun moves will surely give you a reason to go dancing.
Famous for: ‘Ava Ava’ dance that can also be considered as break dance.

5. Chiranjeevi can replicate any form of dance!
Famous for: Being India’s Michael Jackson. Don’t believe us? Then watch this video here.

Which one of these dance moves are you going to learn? Share this list with your friends, too, and have a contest!