What are your ambitions once the lockdown ends and Covid-19 is eradicated? As we all pray for the return of normalcy in our lives, we are sure that we also harbor the desire to try something different and unique, just like these films on offer below. These Tamil movies stood out for their attempt in moving away from the beaten path and breaking societal stereotypes.

Aval Oru Thodar Kathai (1977)

From the annals of cinematic giant K Balachander, Aval Oru Thodar Kathai revolves around a middle-class woman who, as the sole breadwinner, sacrifices her dreams and desires to support the members of her family. Introducing Sujatha, the film is ahead of its time in its portrayal of women. Sujatha’s character is independent and strong-willed which is a refreshing deviation from how women were seen during these times. Furthermore, in an era and industry dominated by male actors, a story written for a strong female character was also atypical.

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Soodhu Kavvum (2013)

Dark comedy or black comedy isn’t a genre that was explored much before the arrival of Soodhu Kavvum. Developing on the concept of mundane trivialities that are blown out of proportion, the film deals with a crazy cop, a gangster with a conscience and a bunch of motley wrongdoers. The director also risked choosing a relatively unknown cast and the gamble pays off handsomely. Soodhu Kaavum was received well by the mass and critical audience and ushered in a new wave of cinema.

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Pushpak (1987)

An unemployed man encounters a rich industrialist and abducts him to assume his identity in the Kamal HaasanAmala starrer Pushpak. But this is not the unique feature of the film. Pushpak is a silent film that features absolutely no dialogues in its running time of a little over 2 hours and yet manages to deliver a smart narrative and loads of entertainment. It was an experiment in Tamil cinema that was successful for its tribute to the silent films of the bygone years.

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Aruvi (2017)

In a bravura performance on debut, Aditi Balan plays a middle-class girl inflicted with HIV who faces every obstacle thrown at her by a hostile consumerist society and uses her aggressive will to come out on top. The film breaks the stereotypical mould of women as timid victims and instead chooses to portray them as daring and fearless. Aruvi won many accolades for its unique filmmaking ability and the brave acting performance of the protagonist.

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Peranbu (2019)

Putting forth delicate topics such as mental illness, sexual urges and teenage dilemmas require a certain fearlessness. Peranbu is that and much more. A sensitive and tender story of a father who attempts tirelessly to understand his mentally challenged teenage daughter, the film touches upon many relatable but taboo issues faced by parents and teenagers today. It is also a credit to Mammootty, who sheds his megastar garb and dials down completely to portray the character with humility. The daughter played by Sadhana is a brilliant talent as well.

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Oththa Seruppu Size 7 (2019)

To carry a film completely on one’s shoulders with no cast for support requires a whole lot of gumption. Parthiban who has also written and directed the film does just that. Oththa Seruppu Size 7 is a stunning one-man effort that narrates the story of an unstable murder suspect who is interrogated by the police. With only sounds voices and props denoting the existence of people, Parthiban manages to grab the viewers’ attention with a sterling performance. The film is also an avant-garde experiment that reaps rich rewards for its unconventionality.

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Open your minds to the diversity that cinema has to offer and scroll down below for many more movies to fill your days with.