How To Edit A ‘Crispy’ Commercial Film: Jil Jung Juk Style

 Promotional videos for film often feature actors giving interviews and sharing their experiences on working on the film. Imagine a video, where the actors take a dig at themselves? Wouldn’t that be a refreshing watch? That is what the team of Jil Jung Juk have done in their video. The recently released film is receiving positive reviews for it’s whacky visuals and content. 

Prior to the release of the film, the team had released a promotional video titled ‘10 elements of a commercial film’, and that went viral. The video took a dig at the cliched elements in films.  
Their second video was rather unusual. Based on the feedback from critics and audience, the team made a fun video and announced that they have trimmed the content of the film to make it ‘crispier’. It’s not often that a film takes critical feedback and works on it. Isn’t it? Watch out for the critic Kutty Paiyan in the video. Don’t miss this fun video, you can watch it here: