Kollywood actors and their passion for sports

 Actors love their profession, they really do. But this doesn’t stop them from pursuing other interests. Yes, just like us, actors are passionate about things and invest equal time in nurturing their talents. Some of them take a break from their acting careers and chase their passion, specifically, sports. We give you some of our South actors, who are chasing their dreams:

Charming actor Arya is a cycling enthusiast, and recently proved his talent by winning a medal at the Vatternrundan cycling race held in Sweden. The actor and his team participated along with 20,000 other cycling enthusiasts from around the world. The task was to cover a 15-hour, 300 km ride around Lake Vattern. Now that’s a truly  daunting task! But Arya completed his goal! Congratulations to Arya and his team.
It is a well-known fact that ‘Thala’ Ajith is a motor-racing enthusiast. But did you know that the actor has participated in FIA formula two championship. The actor took time off from his film career, to be a part of this. Prior to this, the actor was a motorbike racer, but soon changed tracks, to take up a career in acting. In 2013, in an effort to create awareness about road safety he rode from Chennai to Bangalore.
Just like Ajith, Jai also finds his passion is car racing. The actor participated in the National Racing Champion and completed it. Jai says he’s been crazy about racing since his childhood. "I started taking a personal interest when I met another racer, Abdullah. I was unsure about how I would be able to concentrate on my films and the races. But he told me how actor Ajith used to practice and that gave me confidence.”
From bikes to cars, our celebrities are very passionate towards sports that give them an adrenaline gush! Is there any other celebrity you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.