Madras nalla Madras’, the opening lines of a yesteryear Tamil song that captured the essences of the metropolitan city, spelt grandeur. But director PA.Ranjith has decided to break the urban perception of Chennai with his latest film – Madras, which will focus on the slum areas of North Madras.

Two years ago, when PA.Ranjith’s first film Attakathi released, nobody expected it to hit the bulls eye at the box office. In fact, nobody expected this film to work because it didn’t feature a star cast even remotely familiar. Made on a shoe-string budget, the film put the spotlight on the love story of a boy and girl who hailed from the slums. His second film, Madras also rides on a similar line – a take on the life of slum dwellers. Like Attakathi, the film Madras too has been predominantly shot in the densely-populated slum areas of Chennai. Touted to be an action-drama, the plot of the film is said to focus on the politics inside the slums: and how despite the political class luring them constantly during elections, their plight remains the same.
The renowned production house, Studio Green, released the theatrical trailer of the much-awaited film on YouTube on June 24 and the reception it received from fans was splendid. The reason for it can be credited to the lead actor – Karthi. After casting several unknown faces for his previous film, the director has signed up a popular star like Karthi, who is said to have upped the value of the film.
The trailer of the film showcased the quintessential elements of North Chennai (erstwhile Madras) – the government quarters, narrow streets, minor feuds, gang wars and the most distinct element of them all – the colloquial Madras lingo that represents the characteristic trademark of the city. The trailer ends with a powerful line for the protagonist that says – ‘’Kaali vantan, Kaali vantan!’’ (Kaali is here, Kaali is here!). After delivering a string of flops, let’s hope that the actor is back-in-form with this film. As the saying goes ‘’Chennai is a city, Madras is an emotion’’ – Let’s wait and see if the film justifies this interesting quote.
Watch the trailer here:

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