Everybody loves watching movie trailers. Especially, those that have big stars in them. Some of them gain upto 2 million views, and increases the anticipation surrounding the film. Be it the punch lines or the songs, fans get to see a glimpse of what’s in store for them. One such trailer that has impressed fans, is the trailer of Maari. Fans loved it so much that they made parody versions of it. Remember the time there were several versions of Kolaveri Di? The new Maari trailer also follows suit!

Going by the trailer, one can say that these lines were tailor-made to bring in the mass-factor of the star. In the audio of the trailer we hear the lines ‘Settai pudicha paiyan sir, chumma jolly kaga imsai panuvan”, and then  different shots are seen in each of the fan-made trailers. In the ‘Suriya’ version we see the actor interact with kids. In the Padayappa version, Rajinikanth is seen taking on his enemies. You also have the hillarious Vijayakanth video of Maari. In which Vijayakanth’s goofy antics will surely  crack you up!  But the most creative of them all is the  Dhoni version. 
You also have the trailer that features Vijay. And one that features Ajith. All these videos have garnered a lot of views. What immediately gains the attention of these fans, are the funny catch phrases or punch lines in them. 
Imagine having one version for Powerstar? Where the audio goes, ”Settai Pudicha Paiyan sir”. Now, that’ll be hilarious! 
You can watch the videos, here:
Captain Vijayakanth: We bet you’re going to to laugh-out-loud!

Dhoni verison: No wonder he’s called captain awesome!

Padayappa Version: It all began with the Superstar!

Thala Ajith version: Thala style!

Vijay version: Perfectly in sync with the action scenes.

Suriya version: Masss!

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