2.0 is without a doubt one of the biggest film releases of the year 2018. The film’s first announcement caused an internet hurricane with Rajinikanth fans going crazy over social media. The release was being pushed for a while but it is finally hitting theatres on the 29th of November, 2018. Director Shankar, who is known for his blockbuster films like Anniyan (2005), Sivaji The Boss (2007), and I (2015) amongst many others, has joined hands with Superstar Rajinikanth yet again for this magnum opus.

Even before the trailer was launched, this film was touted as a blockbuster. The 2.0 trailer is finally out and it is simply mindblowing. As you can see, Chitti is ready to set the screens on fire on the 29th of November. We’re not the only ones who think so, Chitti says it in the trailer too. Watch it right here!

But what makes 2.0 the most-anticipated film of 2018? Let’s find out.


Need we say more? Over the years, we have seen how Thalaiva turns everything he touches into gold. The actor is the biggest superstar the country has seen and the popularity he enjoys among fans world over is something other stars can only dream of. Rajinikanth is back as the andro-humanoid robot Chitty and Dr. Vaseegaran in 2.0. Enthiran or Robot that introduced us to Chitty released in 2010 and was one of the most successful Rajinikanth films. Thalaiva fans would definitely be looking forward to witnessing their superstar on the big screen once again this year.

Akshay Kumar

When the news that the Khiladi was roped in to play the antagonist was broken to the public, it took the internet by storm. The Bollywood action-hero was going to battle it out with the Thalaiva on the big screen for the first time ever. Since the announcement, the makers have released a number of character posters which gave us a glimpse into Akshay Kumar’s character. Akshay will be playing the role of Dr. Richard aka Crow Man and will be seen taking on Rajinikanth’s Chitty in this sci-fi action thriller. The Crow Man is characterized as a dark superhero for those who don’t have a voice and is someone humans must be wary of. The trailer shows us more of the Crow Man who looks deadly and mean. Touted to be the ultimate clash, Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar will definitely have us hooked to the screen.

Are you excited to watch these two superstars together on-screen?

The film was shot in 3D!

The first Indian film to have been shot using the 3D camera, 2.0 is special in this aspect as well. Till today, all the 3D Indian films you’ve ever seen were first shot in 2D and then converted to 3D in post-production. But that’s not how 2.0 has been shot. The entire film has been shot with the latest 3D technology cameras – a truly path-breaking technology in Indian film-making. This new and interesting approach has made 2.0 a film everyone wants to witness in theatres. And that’s not it! Taking it one step further, the 2.0 teaser was released on 13th September 2018  and it was not just another teaser launch. The teaser was released in 3D too! Yes, you read that right. For the first time ever,  a film’s teaser was released in 3D across theatres in India.


The film’s budget is reported to be a whopping INR 500 crores, making 2.0 one of the most expensive Indian films ever. The budget was initially reported to be around INR 400 crores but with 3D technology and VFX, and additional INR 100 crores was included in the film’s budget. Made at such a massive cost, we can only imagine how grand the film is going to be. Around $75 million were spent on the film’s VFX alone which makes 2.0 more expensive than both the Baahubali films but also more expensive than Deadpool and as expensive as X-Men.

Do you want a glimpse of the biggest rivalry on screen? Keep checking this space for more updates on 2.0 – the most-awaited South Indian film of 2018.