Versatile Vishal

 Tall, dark, handsome and extremely talented – these are the words that quite probably describe Tamil cinema’s star – Vishal Krishna. Over the decade, Vishal has earned the name and fame in Kollywood. He entered the movie industry as an assistant director. The 2004-released Chellame marked Vishal’s debut as an actor and there was no looking back. Vishal’s foray into movies may have been easy, but his journey has in fact been a roller-coaster ride. Some of his films have been average grossers while some have failed. Despite this, Vishal’s performances have earned him positive reviews from critics. We present to you some of Vishal’s best films:

Chellame (2004)
While other heroes debut with films that have a ‘mass’ factor in them or a solo song focusing on them, Vishal opted to act in performance oriented role. The actor looked very comfortable dancing in duets.
Sandakozhi (2005)
Vishal proved his acting ability further in his second film. This rural entertainer featured the actor as the angry young man, who wasn’t afraid to take on the baddies. His height and toned physique seemed apt for his character. Performing action stunts came naturally for Vishal. 
Avan Ivan (2011)
As kids, most of us have tried fooling around trying to look squint-eyed. And those who have tried it could not have continued to do so for long at a stretch. Vishal had to do this in Avan Ivan and he had to keep at it throughout the shoot of this film. Although the film didn’t quite make an impact at the box-office, Vishal’s performance was lauded. The squint eye act even took a toll on the actor’s health and led to migraine later. Now that’s what you call a dedicated actor! 
Pandiya Naadu (2013)
After a lull period at the box-office, Vishal surprised the audience with the action-drama – Pandiya Naadu. It was noted to be a simple and hard-hitting film in which Vishal delivered a subtle yet strong performance. 
Naan Sigappu Manithan (2014)
Some like this film, some don’t but you surely can’t turn away from Vishal’s engaging performance in Naan Sigappu Manithan. His convincing act as a person who suffers from narcolepsy was as real as it could get. 
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