Actor-composer and now an editor with his new film Annadurai, Vijay Anthony is a man who dons many hats. Having been part of many blockbuster films like Naan (2012), Pichaikkaran (2016), Saithan (2016) and more, the actor will be hoping the same results or even better for Annadurai.

The upcoming film is a bilingual that will be released simultaneously on 30th November 2017 in both Tamil and Telugu. The Telugu title of the Tollywood film is Indrasena. The trailer shows the actor in an action-packed role. Vijay will be seen playing two roles in the film, one named Annadurai while the other Thambidurai. The actor evidently has managed to smoothly make the transition from a soft-spoken character to a butt-kicking toughie. Check out the trailer right here to witness this switch that is simply brilliant.
With a full grown beard, Vijay looks menacing beating up anyone in his path. The film, however, should not be mistaken to be an out-and-out action flick, it is touted to be a family entertainer filled with emotions. Many south films have taken a dig at GST in the recent times and Annadurai/Indrasena have decided to do the same with their GST song. The song compares the lead character's love life to that of GST. The lyrics loosely translates to how you came into my life without a notice and messed it up. We can't wait to see what more creative ways filmmakers are going to use to describe the trending topic – GST.

The film also stars Diana Champika, Mahima, Jewel Mary, Radha Ravi, Motta Rajakumar and others.  Directed by G. Srinivasan, the films will release on 30th. Are you one of the many who is excited about the film? Comment below and let us know. Catching the film, FDFS? Book your tickets right here!