A charming and unconventional romance – that’s what Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha are in for in cinematographer-turned-director Prem Kumar’s latest film. As the two actors come together for the first time in 96, this film will mark director Prem Kumar’s Kollywood directorial debut. This romantic drama is all set to release on 4th October and we’re more than excited. Here’s why:


As Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha’s characters take a stroll down an empty street or share a knowing look in a metro train, the posters for 96 makes it evident that they have a meaningful connection or even a cute romance in store for us.

Even though the simplistic image doesn’t reveal too much of what we can expect in the film, their chemistry is evident.


For the teaser of 96, director Prem Kumar chooses to keep it minimal by conveying the feelings and emotions of Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi’s characters though just their expressions.

Although this short video has no dialogues, it says a lot about the relationship between the two lead characters. We get to know what their personalities are like and how they feel about each other. Govind Menon’s soothing song Kadhale Kadhale sets the perfect mood. It’s kind of poetic, giving us just the right amount of information while leaving space for us to wonder.


The song Kadhale Kadhale from the teaser was an instant hit and for a good reason. Govind Menon of the Thaikudam Bridge fame has created the music for this film and the entire album has made its way to everyone’s playlist.

Full of soulful numbers that will have you humming along, Govind Menon debut album is a super hit as he has struck gold with the music in this film.


The teaser and the music of 96 already had us hooked. But the trailer for the film got us even more excited to watch it in theatres.

We are introduced to young (Vijay Sethupathi) and Janu (Trisha Krishnan) who were high school sweethearts. Now, many years later, they are reunited and they seem eager and excited to see each other. However, the people around them seem concerned about this reunion. But they make us root for them through their goofy behavior and evident chemistry. As the trailer ends, you’ll be left wanting more as you ask the question – “What happened all those years ago and what’s going to happen now?