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Team Captain America – Captain America: Civil War

Last night at the MTV Awards, Marvel released a 1-minute clip from the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War and it is amazing. We see Captain America leading his team to what seems like a regular rescue operation (perhaps Bucky’s rescue). We have 24 days to go before the civil war hits the theaters. There is a lot of hype surrounding the premise of the movie and the trailers have only managed to increase the anticipation for the movie. And now is the right time to meet Captain’s team.

Captain America stands against superhero registration, which is to be implemented. His team comprises of Bucky aka Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Ant Man and Hawk Eye

Captain America

Captain America - BookMyShow

Perhaps the oldest of them all (in all aspects). He also effortlessly and gracefully guides his team into missions as you see in the clip. He is also known to be righteous and just. You know he would battle for justice and that is reason for some of us support him in this battle.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch - BookMyShow

As Deadpool would say “What a superhero landing!” and we agree. Her powers seemed to have developed since her debut in Age of Ultron. With her past with Stark Industries, we can pretty much guess why she is on the Captain’s team.


Falcon - BookMyShow

He is Steve Roger’s friend and he aided his friend in the quest of finding Bucky and also became a part of the new Avengers. If the trailers are anything to go by, we have some pretty cool moves to enjoy.

Ant Man

Ant Man - BookMyShow

His stand-alone movie told us all we need to know about him. At Falcon’s request he is going to fight on Captain’s side and kick some ass. Surely the other team wouldn’t know how to deal with the man who can shrink to the size of an ant and control ants too (the iron suits are going to need some pest control soon).

Hawk Eye

Hawk-Eye - BookMyShow

We saw him leaving behind the spy life at the end of Avengers. But he is back on Captain`s side. As we saw in the first movie when he was working alongside Loki (because he was mind controlled), the Avengers just about survived the assault. We learnt that we do not want to get to the bad side of this guy.

Winter Soldier (Bucky)

Bucky - BookMyShow

His skills are as good as Captain America. If you don’t believe us, watch the climax scene from Captain America: Winter Soldier. We still don’t know whether he remembers his time with Steve Rogers during the World War, but he is ready to fight alongside him.

You have met Team Captain America and you know what he stands for. Which team do you support? Tell us in your comments below and don’t forget to share.