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Team Iron Man – Captain America: Civil War

You met team Captain America last week and you know what his stance is on the war that is going to begin on May 6th. Marvel released a video recently of Tony Stark hacking into the lighting system of the Eiffel Tower and changing the lights to the color of his suit. This scene will not be part of the movie, but after watching Captain America in action with his team, Team Iron Man had to do something to tip the scales in his favor. He and his team are supporting the superhero registration act after the destruction wreaked when the avengers united and also when Hydra was exposed within S.H.I.E.L.D. It is now time to meet Team Iron Man.

Iron Man

For those who have been living under a rock, Iron Man has been carrying the weight of the MCU on his strong shoulders since 2008. He may come off as a selfish and an irresponsible person with his antics but, deep underneath him is a softy and takes accountability for his and his team’s actions.

Black Panther

If you have seen the trailers, you have seen the man in black’s blink-and-miss chase sequence. If you want to see the extended version of the sequence you can see it above. T’Challa a.k.a Black Panther is the king of the Wankada, the most advanced country in the world (we mean Marvel world, the only world that actually matters).

Black Widow

Black Widow - BookMyShow

You know nothing about her past but, you know it’s not pretty (remember the red ledger?). Her stance in releasing all the classified information to the public during the rise of Hydra, precludes her decision to be part of Team Iron Man.

The Vision

The Vision - BookMyShow

Jarvis would have been by Iron Man’s side and there is no reason for the Vision to do anything different. He was there during the rise of Ultron and he would agree that there is need for the registration. The infinity stone gives him a lot of powers, which may be unmatched against team Captain America.

War Machine

War Machine - BookMyShow

Rhodes is as good as a friend to Tony Stark as Bucky is to Steve. Coincidentally, both the superhero’s second movies had a fight sequence between the friends. The trailer hints as this being War Machine’s last movie but, they have been proven to be deceptive before (remember the death sequence from Age of Ultron trailer).


Spiderman - BookMyShow

A welcome surprise addition. His entry was the talk of the town. From the trailer we see that Tony Stark has successfully designed a new suit for our neighborhood web-shooter and it looks awesome.

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