The most-foul mouthed, rude and dirty-talking teddy bear is back! After the phenomenal success of the film Ted in 2012, Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane is back with the sequel. And judging by the first look of Ted 2’s trailer, this film sure looks like a double dose of fun!

In the trailer we see the badly behaved teddy bear and his not-so-dignified girlfriend get married, and then plan to adopt a baby. But before that, Ted has to prove to the government that he’s human. The film finds Mark Wahlberg, who once again reprises the role of John – Ted’s childhood thunder buddy. Unfortunately, we will not get to see Mila Kunis aka John’s wife, Lori, in this film due to her pregnancy. The iconic Morgan Freeman will be seen in the role of Ted’s consultant, while Amanda Seyfried, plays the role of Ted’s legal representative.  
With loads of fun gags, irreverent jokes and heart-warming bromance, this film looks like a perfect plot for success. Whether or not it’ll strike gold like its predecessor, we’ll have to wait and watch.
Watch the crazy trailer right here:


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