Review: Every once in a while comes a movie that leaves audiences literally laughing out loud and gasping for breath. Ted, unfortunately, is not one of them. The movie is funny and offensive but not humourous.
Coming from Seth MacFarlane (of the Family Guy fame), I didn’t really expect an outright clinquant movie but what I did expect was good humour and a strong script. On most occasions the humour as well as the scriptwriting disappointed. For someone of Seth Macfarlane’s stature what I really didn’t expect was for him to flounder so much. Ted is a story about a Teddy Bear that magically comes to life as a result of John Bennett’s (Played by Mark Wahlberg) childhood wish. Things go awfully wrong when Lori (Played by the mesmerizing Mila Kunis) has issues with Ted and John’s relationship.
There were quite a few funny moments in the movie and a few facetious ones too. Throwing in a few loud farts and a whole lot of swear words doesn’t always make the movie funny. It works in Family Guy no doubt, but as movie it is definitely a letdown. Ted is what happens when a highly acclaimed (comic) writer/creator is given a big budget. He tries to re-create what he does on the small screen on a much larger one. Surprisingly for a Seth MacFarlane movie, the story has heart. There are moments that will leave you in splits and some moments that will leave you with an “Awwww”.
Mark Wahlberg’s acting talent has been wasted. He could have done so much more if the script was a little bit stronger. Mila Kunis also wasn’t used to her full potential (I am also talking about the other talents she has, apart from acting). Overall, the movie was backed by a subtly funny script and some decent acting. Ted is a movie which would be enjoyed by audiences who love complete mindless jokes or Family Guy loyalists.
Verdict: Designed for Family Guy fanatics & people who just want some cheap laughs. 
Movie Details:
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane
Music: Walter Murphy
Length: 1 hr 16 minutes
Writer: Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild

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