Teddy Bears Are For Lovers is a 12-min short film by Almog Avidan Antonir. The team has used practical FX teddy bears to give us a compelling horror and comedy film. The story revolves around jilted lovers and souvenir teddy bear gifts from exes.  

Collin (Ken Ashton) finds himself in a precarious situation one night. He wakes up after listening to strange noises. His assailants are the teddy bears he had gifted to his ex-girlfriends. The teddy bears have been assaulted by the jilted ex-girlfriends and are now back to seek their revenge. Collin's life is threatened by a bunch of teddy bears. 

Short Film

Although the premise of the short film – 'toys coming to life' isn't something that we are new to, the film has managed to use the plot and sound effects to its advantage. The actors – Ken Ashton and Marie Oldenbourg who plays Collin's girlfriend, Sarah – have done a great job. The teddy bears Dumpy, Stitches, Jason and One-Eye Barry are voiced by Jodi Carol Harrison, David Caprita, Heston Horwin and Chase Cargill, respectively.

The practical FX teddy bears look authentic and their expressions and actions will leave you enthralled. With great voice-overs, the teddy bears look ready for the hunt. The short film shows an engaging encounter that will leave an impression. This dark comedy is our must-watch for the week!  

Catch the short film below and do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!