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4 Things You Should Not Ask a Baahubali Fan

We all know how big a fanbase the Baahubali franchise has and trust us, you don't want to mess with them. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion releases this April 28 and the entire fandom is going crazy over it and rightly so. If you haven't watched Baahubali: The Beginning yet and have no plans to watch the second part, let us warn you about a few consequences you may have to face if you happen to be friends with a devout Baahubali fan or happen to meet one. Here are four things you should not ask a Baahubali fan ever and we mean it.

Is Baahubali a one time watch? Do you plan to watch the second part?

For your sake, friend, do not utter these words to a devout fan, EVER!  If you unknowingly do ask these to a fan, prepare to be lectured on how amazing a series Baahubali is to a point where you will have to accept the awesomeness of the movie. If you, for some reason are not convinced enough, you may end up losing this friend. 

Choice is yours, mate.

Who is Baahubali, macha?

Nope, nope. If you happen to ask this, please run for cover. The wrath of the fandom will destroy you.

4 Things you should not ask a baahubali fan - BookMyShow

What is all the hype around this film, macha?

Why would you ask this? Do you hate yourself? 

Let's try explaining the craze to you, friend. When the first part of this movie released in 2015, there were reports of a one km- long queue outside theaters to buy tickets and theater owners asking for police protection fearing a stampede because of the maddening rush. And you ask, what is the hype all about! Pfft. 

Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?

That is an answer everyone has been waiting for the past two years. And it will be answered soon. So, do not ask a fan.

4 Things you should not ask a baahubali fan - BookMyShow

Where can I download Baahubali?

The visual treat that is Baahubali is not something to be watched anywhere but on the big screen! Don't believe us? Ask your friend where to download the movie from and prepare to be dragged to a theater.

So, if you do not want a Baahubali fan to go all Baahubali on your @$$ please watch Baahubali: The Beginning in the theaters as the filmmakers are re-releasing it on April 7. You too shall join the huge gang of Baahubali fans, rest assured.