Actors have made an everlasting impression in the world of cinema. There have been Mega Stars, Super Stars and whatnot. We have heard people building temples for few actors in some states and we have seen many fans associations for actors around the world. With such popularity, actors have also made a mark in politics. Here are five Telugu actors we really miss watching on the big screen.

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, popularly known as NTR is a name to reckon with. Started his film career in the year 1949, NTR has ruled the Telugu cinema for almost 40 years and has acted close to 300 movies. Not just as an actor, he was also a successful producer and director. With the immense popularity he gained over the years, he went on to become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He breathed his last in the year 1996, at the age of 72, and his last movie on the screen, Srinadha Kavi Sarvabhowmudu was released in the year 1993.

Akkineni Nageshwara Rao

Popularly revered as ANR, Akkineni Nageswara Rao made his entry to Telugu cinema in the year 1941 and acted in close to 250 movies. He was the only actor who stood as a tough competitor to the legendary NTR and was a recipient of the Dada Saheb Phalke award. He was more popular among the class and ladies and starred in may love stories. He also established Annapurna Studios in the year 1975 and played a key role in sifting the Telugu movie industry from Chennai to Hyderabad. His last movie was Manam, released in the year 2014 and also breathed his list in the same year.

Divya Bharti

Born in the year 1974, Divya Bharti became a heroine at the age of 16. Her first movie Bobbili Raja, opposite Venkatesh, was a blockbuster and there was never looking back. She went on to act in several other blockbusters such as Assembly Rowdy, Rowdy Alludu, Vishwatma, Shola Aur Shabnam, Deewana and such. At the peak of her career, she fell from the balcony of her apartment and died at a very young age of 19. If not for her untimely passing, she would have definitely been the forerunner of the top spot in Telugu and Hindi movies.


Very rarely do we see actors making an impact on all the languages they acted. One such rarest gem is Sridevi. Started her career in regional languages and rose to the top slot in a span of few years, she subsequently moved to Bollywood and quenched the top chair their as well. She started her acting career at the age of 4 and remained an actor until her untimely death at the age of 54. At the age of 13, she became a heroine and rose to stardom within a few films. Her glamour and acting skills are matchless and is an evergreen actress.


Regarded as one of the finest actors in Telugu cinema, Suryakantham was mostly popular for her cruel mother-in-law roles. Born in the year 1924, she started her acting career in the year 1946 and acted in several popular movies such as Mayabazar, Kanyasulkam, Todi Kodallu, Gundamma Katha and many more. Her acting skills are no match to any other actor when it comes to her gayali atha roles. In fact, when the present generation thought of remaking the legendary Gundamma Katha movie, they dropped the idea later as they could not find an actor to reprise the role of Suryakantham. Such is the talent she possessed and was a delight to watch her on the screen.

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