Exercise your responsibility

 It’s not often that films influence us. But the short film ‘I am That Change’ is an exception. Backed by a simple concept, the three-minute video, emphasizes on being responsible and bringing about a change in the society. Released on August 14, on the occasion of Independence Day, the video has so far generated 1.5 Lakh views on YouTube. It showcases the lives of people who encounter situations, which lure them into forgetting their duty. 


Popular Tollywood star, Allu Arjun has supported this earnest attempt, by producing and starring in it. Directed by Sukumar, the film is shot aesthetically in black and white and leaves you in a pensive state due to its content. With minimal dialogues and powerful background music, the film captivates you right from the start. Taking inspiration from Mahathma Gandhi popular quote “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”, Allu Arjun stresses on the importance of following the same. In order to witness a change in the world, we must ensure a change within ourselves. And to bring about a positive change in the society, we must strive to be a better person. This inspiring theme has definitely connected with the audience. 
At a recent press event, Allu Arjun stated the trials and tribulations he faced while making this short film, despite belonging to an influential family. Laying a social message directly, this crisply-made short film, certainly left us in a pensive mood. Remember, introspection of your actions will help in the betterment of the society. 
Take a look at the full video here:

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