We Know Why You Haven’t Watched Baahubali Yet

Baahubali, the film series that has made people go crazy all over the world, has been breaking all sorts of records. The sequel Baahubali 2: The Conclusion became the most viewed Indian film trailer ever and also the most liked Indian trailer. This obviously means a lot of people have watched the prequel and we mean a lot. But wait, there are a few who haven't watched it and would probably not watch the sequel too. And we totally get them, like…totally! And we think they have legitimate reasons for not watching Baahubali series. Here is our best guess why some people would avoid this kickass movie:

1Original story

The story is so original and who likes a good original story, right?

Baahubali - BookMyShow

2. The deathly cliffhanger

Yeah, such an odd way to end a film, right? Who would wait two whole years to find out why the most loyal soldier killed his leader, the most loved Baahubali? Pfft!

Baahubali  - BookMyShow

3. Strong women characters

Who wants to see such strong, independent and courageous women characters, right? Tamannaah as a dedicated and a fierce warrior named Avanthika is so not what any girl needs as a role model in her life, right?

Baahubali  - BookMyShow

4. Ripped and bare-chested men

Prabhas and Rana as Baahubali and Bhallala Deva built their body for this movie and the two actors look menacing on screen. Two actors with smoking hot bods; we can imagine how that can make you not want to watch the movie, we think.

Baahubali - BookMyShow

Haters gonna hate. All we can say that with the kind of praise Baahubali is garnering, everyone must try this film out. While the most anticipated sequel hits the big screen on the 28th of April, 2017, the prequel will be released about two weeks earlier. If you haven't watched Baahubali, this is a great time to be alive as you can watch both the movies on the big screen ahead. This may turn you into a Baahubali fan and that is not your fault. 

The world of Baahubali is to be blamed.