At the outset of watching Terminator Genisys, I’ll admit that I was skeptical about the film. After all, it is a retelling of what is more or less the same story. The word on the street was that if Cameron didn’t make it, it’s not worth a watch. However, you might just be surprised after watching it. Arnold promised he’d be back, and he is. And he’s better and badder than before.

There’s plenty of things with Terminator Genisys that have been done right, but there’s also a few things that are a little awry. The film takes off by showing us the crusade against the machines, led by John Connor (played by Jason Clarke), who must defeat Skynet to ensure humanity prevails. However, things don’t go so well, because Skynet has a mind of its own, and sends a Terminator to the past, to kill Connor’s mother, Sarah Connor (played by Emilia Clarke). The reason is simple – if she dies, she will never give birth to John, and Skynet will rule humanity. In a last ditch effort to save the world, John sends fellow soldier Kyle Reese (played by Jai Courtney) to protect his mother. 
Reese arrives in 1984, and meets Sarah Connor. However, instead of finding a hapless woman, Reese finds a more than prepared badass, who’s been raised by a T-800 (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). Arnie’s grown old, but in his words, he’s “old, but not obsolete.” Now, the future and the past rely on the trio to save them from complete domination by the machines. 
Emilia Clarke knows how to handle a gun, and kicks some serious cyborg behind. But Jai Courtney doesn’t quite match up to her, both in terms of acting and screen presence. The pair doesn’t exactly embody the romance of the first film, and seem like a watered down version of the first couple. However, the film does get one critical aspect right – the action. For the most part, Terminator Genisys is extremely enjoyable for its gutbusting action, but then falters a little because of the bland performances by its cast. 
However, the best part of Terminator Genisys is Arnold himself. And it is for the best, since we all know that it wouldn’t be much of a film if he wasn’t there. He gets some of the best moments to himself, and at 67, he’s still the same hellraiser he was. 
As a film, think of Terminator Genisys as a decadent milkshake your mother made you as a child. It had everything – chocolate, sprinkles, cookie dough, the whole nine yards. It was delicious, but in the end, it’s familiar. 
Why Should You Watch the Film?
For series fans, Terminator Genisys will be relished by many. Catch it for Arnie, who’s back, and for some epic action with great background score!