We’re all guilty of taking our teachers for granted. No matter how much they’ve done for us, we’re quick to overlook their role in our lives. But like they say, you can’t appreciate the good without getting a taste of the bad. That is why, we decided to focus on the bad, this Teachers’ Day. After all, if there’s one thing that’ll help you see the value of your teachers, it’s focusing on just how good you had it back in the day. So, here are the best of the worst teachers from our favorite movies and TV shows.

Beware: These teachers are so bad that they’ll give you a newfound appreciation for your own.

Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter

Dolores Umbridge was a real witch, if there ever was one! Behind her saccharine smile, Umbridge was a power-hungry bigot with an affinity for educational decrees. She wasn’t afraid to use extreme spells, potions and measures to get students to snitch on each other. We’re glad we never had to go through this!

Edna Krabappel – The Simpsons

Unlike Dolores UmbridgeEdna Krabbapel isn’t intentionally vicious. But indifference has its own downsides, doesn’t it? From her scandalous performance at the school talent show to making out with the principal in the janitor’s closet, no one did "Bad" as good as Edna! Don’t believe us? Well, Edna fell in love with her ten-year-old student… And his father… And their neighbour. We think we’ve said enough.

Dean Rooney – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Think your teacher has it out for you? Well, they can’t be worse than Dean Rooney. When he suspected that Ferris was playing truant,Edward Rooney actually broke into his house to investigate. Aren’t you glad your teachers never did that?

Sue Sylvester – Glee

Think about the worst thing your teacher has ever done to you. Now, imagine Sue Sylvester on a good day. We’re sure the latter is still much worse. To put it mildly, Sue Sylvester is just a bully on a power trip. After all, what kind of teacher shoves dirt, sticks and stones in their students’ lockers? Ugh!

Ms. Halsey – Bad Teacher

When the movie’s called Bad Teacher, you know exactly what to expect. Ms. Halsey slept through class, cursed at her students and got high in the school parking lot. She even has the kids participate in a car wash to raise money for her breast implants!

And you thought your teachers were bad, huh? We bet you’ve changed your mind. Now, go write them a Thank You card!