Are you one of those people who stay up late sharing ‘real’ ghost stories and discussing the latest horror flicks of the year with your gang of friends? If you are, then we bet you’ll agree when we say that no other ghostly get-up is scarier than the bloody, ghastly, spine-chilling girl dressed in all white, with only one eye revealed from behind a lock of dark, dirty hair! Of course, every movie has its own version of this macabre character- each more grotesque and frightful than the other. These dead-girls have given us some major scares and we think they deserve to have a listicle of their own! So here it is: a list of the most dreadful (in a good, we-love-horror kind of way) dead-girls.

The Exorcist
We are talking about the original one here. A possessed girl walking down the stairs upside down on all fours? Who can ever forget that scene!
The Ringu series
Ring was copied from this Japanese horror classic. If Ring scared you, Ringu will literally make you pee in your pants!
Shutter (Thailand)
There have been three remakes now- in English (Shutter – 2008), in Tamil (Sivi – 2007) and in Hindi (Click – 2010), but the original one in Thai is still by far the best.
The Conjuring
We don’t know who was scarier- Carolyn Perron (Lili Taylor) or Annabelle, the doll.  
The Woman in Black
Though not your typical dead-girl, the woman in black is equally scary with her dead-pan expression and that all-black get-up.
The latest girl to join ranks with these dreadful dames is Olivia Dudley from The Vatican Tapes. She sure looks scary in this still:  
You can still catch her on the big screen, if you’re not too scared by this. Are you?