Blake Lively is the most stunning human specimen alive. With the smoothest of whiskey voices and traffic stopping looks, she is a perfect fit to play Adaline Bowman whose age-o-meter is stuck at 29 forever. While the concept of immortality has been overused and is now somewhat boring and creepy, Age of Adaline brings another twist to it with its scientific hocus-pocus. Even though the first half bores you with the backstory and utterly absurd scientific hoo-hah, you are enraptured by the gorgeous and ever so still Lively. The film opens with Lively cruising through the streets of San Francisco looking regal in the first of many long, vintage coats. You know then that Blake Lively has stuck to her roots from Gossip Girl and you can expect a lot of fabulous outfits.

The story is centered around Adaline Bowman who is a normal 29-year-old until she’s hit by lighting. The freak accident results in her never aging a day above 29. Realising that her fate is sealed, she decides to live an inconspicuous life and change her identity every 10 years. Though, with her striking looks it almost seems like an impossible feat. The only human relationship she has is with her daughter Flemming, who ages like us unfortunate mortals. Adaline swears to dodge love throughout her life, but enter Ellis and it all goes out for a toss. Ellis is not your average joe, he’s unbelievably handsome with his Game of Thrones hair and a serial do-gooder, and did we mention the hair?

Even though the film is handsomely mounted, shot and edited with fluidity and confidence, if not much imagination, it drags on at many instances. The film sets an overwhelming dreariness which settles on you like a heavy duvet and even a plot twist like Harrison Ford’s role cannot bring you out of it. Although, the director of photography has to be applauded for setting different colour palettes for different eras. Ellen Burstyn, however, surprises you. For an actress who spent majority of her film career playing a mother, to play the daughter of someone one-third her age is the kind of role-reversal no kind of special effect can create.

Why you should watch this film?
Even though the film fails to handle the theme of love, Lee Toland Krieger keeps the pomposity and heart-yanking to a minimum. The chemistry between Harrison Ford and Blake Lively is tangible despite their massive age gap. The film, like its leading lady is graceful and sympathetic and works effectively on a bigger canvas. If nothing else, Blake Lively will definitely charm you with her bambi eyes and runway looks!

By Ekta Shetty