Even if you’re a sucker for romantic films, you have to admit that they’re far from realistic. As much as we would like for real life to be as black and white as they make it seem, life (and love) are filled with gray areas. And that’s where their beauty lies.

Created by The Skin Deep, {THE AND} is a documentary that explores the nuances of modern romance by filming 53 couples in a mock therapy session. Though each couple had endured their fair share of trials and tribulations, very few of their struggles were as unique as Marcela and Rock. This prompted Adizes to make their story into a separate short film, one that is a breath of fresh air in the genre.

Marcela and Rock, who have been married for 7 years, sit down and ask each other some difficult questions. From what they love about each other to what disappoints them about their partner, nothing is off-limits. As the short film progresses, the questions only get more difficult. They explore tough topics like Marcela’s infidelity and Rock’s time in prison. The answers aren’t always what the viewer would expect. They’re frank, uncensored and intimate. However, the couple’s love still manages to shine through, making the film worth a watch.

Not only does {THE AND} Marcela and Rock pose some difficult questions for the couple, but it also makes the viewer question their own ideas about relationships. Though the questions might shock us in the context of the film, they’re all things that people have already wondered about their own relationships. This honesty and relatability is a highlight of the film. After all, we’ve all seen rosy and over-the-top depictions of love on screen. But it’s rare to see a love that’s so flawed, so real and so forgiving.

If you’re a romantic who’s also a realist, look no further. Watch {THE AND} Marcela and Rock, right here: