The Battle of The Transporter: Jason Statham vs Ed Skrein

The sauve, dashing Frank Martin whose reputation as the Transporter precedes him is back. And so are his three golden rules and that English accent that can easily make women swoon. Frank does a job that most men would kill for (or at least we’d like to think so). Bet you already know that the character is no longer played by the devilishly gorgeous Jason StathamThe Transporter is now the dapper-dude from Game Of Thrones (GOT fan-girls screaming at a distance) Ed Skrein. The change has some fans miffed and others excited. These questions are probably going through every Transporter fans’ mind!

The Transporter: Frank Martin 
Can anyone else but Statham play Frank Martin? Statham‘s Frank was rugged, crisp in his approach and completely badass. In the new trailer, Ed Skrein looks like he is channelizing the character played by Statham. Will he be crispy enough though? 
Statham vs Skrein
Skrein‘s Transporter is a leaner and fitter version. But does he look like he’ll be able to match Statham’s sleek almost Bond-like looks? Can Ed Skreincarry off Jason Statham‘s tapered tuxedo and give us a high-on-thrill ride with the same level of panache? Hope floats!
Trailer: Transporter 2002 
Can the new film take us on another testosterone-charged ride like the 2002 film? 

Trailer: Transporter Refueled 2015
The trailer looks promising, yes. Will it be good enough though? 

Setting biases aside, let’s see what The Transporter Refueled holds for us. After all, it is still about the car-chase, the women and the three rules, isn’t it?