Verdict: A scrumdiddlyumptious delight for your eyes!

There’s no doubt that Steven Spielberg is one of the most outstanding filmmakers in Hollywood. He has tried and tested a diverse range of genres from fantasy movies, to horror thrillers, to historical dramas, to sci-fi action films. This year, Spielberg is back to making children’s movies, with the release of The BFG. Based on the famous book by Roald Dahl, it is bound to be a hit among kids, with its popular themes of fantasy and adventure. Like every other Spielberg movie, this one too boasts of fantastic use of technology in terms of visual effects and music. And with John Williams as the composer, we can see why.

The BFG is the story of an orphan named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), who is whisked away by a gigantic man into an unknown place, full of other gigantic monsters. Later, Sophie comes to learn that the man who took her is no monster, but just a Big Friendly Giant, who she comes to call BFG (Mark Rylance). The BFG lives in Giant Country with the other giants, whose existence is unknown to mankind. What makes the BFG different from other giants is that he is no man-eater. He would rather eat a bitter disgusting snozzcumber than kill a human. Unfortunately, the other giants don’t think that way, and head out every night to hunt. Regular disappearances of people are reported every day, but no one suspects this to be the work of giants. So, it is up to Sophie to put an end to these giants once and for all, with her new best friend – the BFG!

The BFG still - BookMyShow

The film has every element of a children’s movie – a child hero, the loyal best friend, big brutish enemies, fascinating adventures, and good, happy ending. No, they won’t roll over the floor laughing like in The Secret Life of Pets, nor will they be terrified of the non-human entities, as in The Jungle Book. They will simply be enthralled by the brilliant visual effects as the movie takes them into another, more fascinating world. It will be like the Disney movies of the 90s, which made you cheer for your heroes, and left you with a warm, happy feeling. Adults might find the plot a little unreal and dull, but the visual dream-catching moments are as enjoyable for elders, as they are for kids. It may not be Spielberg’s best, but it is definitely worth your time!

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Tired of the regular action comedies? Take a break and watch The BFG instead. You will be transported back to your childhood where movies were simple and heartwarming, only this time, with better special effects.