Every movie has a lead character, who is portrayed as the chosen one, the one who brings change, conquers evil, or becomes the protector of the race. And through these characters, you realize that not all of them were aware from the start that they were born to do great things. Under specific circumstances, their paths changed and they saw that they had to fulfill a purpose in life, which was far from ordinary. So to give you a gist of what we mean by that, we have made a list of some of our favorite characters who were considered to be the “chosen ones” in these classic Hollywood movies. If you are wondering who these characters are, scroll down to find out.

Disclaimer: This article has some spoilers, so think twice before you start reading. Also, if you haven’t seen these movies, it means that fate has gotten you here. You better watch these movies soon!

Jake Sully – Avatar
Sam Worthington plays the character of Sully, a paralyzed military veteran, who becomes the part of the Avatar program. During the mission, Sully slowly develops a strong bond with the Na’vi people and sees the positive side. This goes against their mission and later turns into an issue for which he has to face treason. But he somehow manages to regain the confidence of the tribe and leads them to fight against humans, by doing the right thing.
Frodo – Lord of the Rings Series
Whoever thought that you need a fierce warrior to do heroic acts would be surprised to see what Frodo went through to destroy that "one ring" and save the Middle-earth. The ring did play mind games with him but he resisted the temptation and fought bravely to complete his mission. 


Neo – The Matrix Series
In the Matrix, you are introduced to Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), a software programmer who is also a hacker and is known as Neo. In search of finding the one, Morpheus finally meets Neo and introduces him to the Matrix, a computer simulated world created by the machines to conquer the human race. Morpheus becomes Neo’s mentor and trains him to fulfill the prophecy. Throughout the journey, Neo faces many complications but somehow manages to achieve what was meant to be in his destiny.
The Matrix

John Connor –  The Terminator Series
In this series, we are already made aware from the start that John Connor rises to be the leader who leads humans in the war against machines; all thanks to the time travel aspect. Since it’s already established, the plot of these movies mainly revolves around how to protect the Conner bloodline from getting terminated by the cyborgs. If Connor dies, humans go extinct, and if he survives, humans can avert the judgment day; automatically making John Connor the chosen one.
The Terminator

Harry Potter – Harry Potter Series
At the beginning, Harry was absolutely clueless about the significance of his scar that looks like a lightning bolt, but after he left for Hogwarts, he realized that he is no ordinary boy. That scar was given to him by Voldemort when he was just an infant, and that meant that he was chosen to defeat the ultimate evil and destroy Voldemort's reign of terror. We all know that he wouldn’t have been able to do it without his friends, but according to the prophecy, only Harry could kill Voldemort. 
Harry Potter

Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and Rey – Star Wars Series
Is it the father or is it the son, or is it someone else? This series has made us believe that every generation will have a chosen one. If you look at it chronologically, Anakin was the one who was considered to be the chosen one but later he gets seduced by the dark side and becomes Darth Vader. Then comes Luke Skywalker, Anakin’s son, who is trained to be a Jedi, and does a rather good job to stay on the right path. When the time comes, Luke stays loyal to the force and doesn’t join the dark forces to be with his father. In The Force Awakens, Rey is shown to be the chosen one. Based on the story it’s hard to tell what her real identity is. But hopefully, with the release of the next series, we should know soon!
star wars
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