Constantly cited as one of the most important directors in the world today, the films of Christopher Nolan enjoy the rare feat of entertaining audiences worldwide. With movies like The Batman trilogy & Inception, his work has entered in the lexicon of popular culture. Movie-lovers around the globe just love to cite his movies and discuss over the various interpretations his films subsequently offer.

His cinematic leanings became apparent in his childhood where he picked up a camera at an early age and started making his mini-movies with a Super 8 camera. Son of an advertising copywriter and a flight attendant, his inclination towards writing developed early on in his life, albeit naturally. This along with his combined interest in cinema made him read literature at college level (University College London) where he used college equipment to make his movies, graduating to 16 mm film cameras subsequently. His diverse influences from literature and cinema imparts a unique sensibility to his craft thereby shaping his films which are entertaining and critically applauded at the same time.


Strongly based on psychology and the allusion to philosophical concepts in a tangential fashion, he often makes his movies with a uniquely singular point of view. This is evident in his early short film, Doodlebug (about a man chasing an insect with a shoe around a flat only to discover that it was a miniature of himself) till his latest movies, accounting for his individual outlook towards cinema. It is an interesting aspect of Nolan’s movies that while watching them one is reminded of cinema greats such as Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Mallick, but at the same time, the audience is aware of his trademark stamp over it. It is an essential quality of all important directors that they display a signature style in their work. The area where Nolan really excels is his ability to integrate entertainment with cinematic virtue seamlessly.


The Batman series are a remarkable example of his approach to making films. He made Batman’s character more human and then made the film from this perspective of characterization. He also displayed a keen understanding of the nature of entertainment when it comes to superhero movies in his Batman series. This translated Batman into a huge box office success and gained extreme popularity among the audience. Admired for bringing a big studio movie and an art-house movie in one film is the craft Nolan is a master at. With the filmography of such diverse films like The Prestige (2006), Memento (2000), Insomnia (2002) among others we expect that he will continue to make his kind of movies in his trademark style, one that cinema enthusiasts admire and die-hard Nolan fans/Nolanites love.

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