Review: You’ve grown up watching the Flintstones on T.V., have read all about human evolution, learnt about continental drift as well as watched it in the form of an animation film only last year when the fourth installment of the Ice Age series released. Yes, The Croods has all these elements, and no, it won’t seem like you’ve seen it before, for this film is indeed one of the loveliest family dramas to have been made in the recent past. Backed by excellent CGI and a well-knit storyboard, this is sure to be a hit amongst everyone. 
The story begins from a cave where the family lived, hunting, gathering in unison and living happily. The only bone of contention in the family’s ‘happily ever-after’ is a rebellious young girl who doesn’t see eye-to-eye with her father on most things. The reason being her will to feel free as opposed to living holed up in a cave day in and day out. A spat that ensues thereafter takes the family on an adventure they were not prepared for, yet makes the whole family adapt to change just as the world around them is crumbling, in the true sense of the word. It’s true when they say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, ’cause this thought must have made the early man adapt to change and revolutionize his surroundings and eventually the world, just by an idea. Why the obvious retelling of human history is endearing and extremely touching is something you will find only once you’ve finished watching the film. 
When I saw the first trailer of the film, the thought that came to me, like it is with almost every animated film – whichever the studio, was that this is something which should not be missed. While there is a certain soft corner that exists for these computer-generated characters, at the same time, there is an immense amount of reverence for these films, for it is a costly gamble one is spending hours to create. With films such as the Shrek universe, the Madagascar series as well as semi-inspirational Kung Fu Panda that have come out of this studio, The Croods is bound to become your favorite while partially evoking tear-jerking moments. The father-daughter relationship which is particularly highlighted may give the feeling of a modern-day semi-dysfunctional family who finally come around in the end. And that’s not all, be prepared to watch a visual extravaganza in every frame, the colors so brilliant, the emotions so magnificently used and the voice-overs that seem all so apt. 
The era was different, the Croodaceous Era is what it is being called – fictitious as it may be, the world still seems real, including the numerous animals one gets to see in the film – all having distinct characteristics. A world of wonder for sure, the film will touch a chord in your heart. Do watch!

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