The Legend will never end 

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast & Crew: Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Liam Neeson, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman

Review: It’s been 8 years since the masked vigilantly went into hiding. After taking the blame for a murder he did not commit, Batman disappeared. And with him, so did Bruce Wayne. Hiding in his mansion, like a rundown warrior. Weak, frail, ignored and that’s how he would like it. Until the appearance of another masked outlaw – BANE. A terrorist who threatens to destroy Gotham City. Another league of shadows outcast, Bane threatens to fulfill his master’s destiny. 

Will the Bat come back from hiding to save his city? It’s a superhero movie, of course he will. But this is no ordinary superhero movie. This is a Christopher Nolan film. Batman doesn’t simply fly out on his cool toys and save the day again. Batman is human. He bleeds, he hurts, he fails and he falls. Now, in here lies the brilliance of The Dark Knight Rises. It shows the more human aspect of Batman, the failures, the trials, the suffering. But what makes him a superhero, is the will to go beyond the suffering, to see past the darkness, to overcome the failure. And Nolan is a master at his art when it comes to taking human emotions to another level.   

The Dark Knight Rises in plain words is nothing but a testament to rising above failure. Yes folks, Batman fails. Under the menacing power of Bane, he fails. But the movie isn’t called The Dark Knight Rises for nothing now is it?    

The Dark Knight Rises also throws come interesting new characters in the mix, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, who slips into the role with feline efficiency. Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes a mark as Officer John Blake even with the little that he had to do and notably so Tom Hadry emotes beautifully with his eyes and body as the terrifying Bane. Michael Caine and Gary Oldman are honorable in their parts.   

Now, the big question that everybody is asking. Is it better that The Dark Knight? (A disclaimer before I answer: my apologies to all Nolanites)The answer, in brutal honestly, is NO. But it is terrifyingly close. There are places where it slows down due to the length, but when it picks up, it picks up with such vigor; you won’t know when the climax hit you.   

However, this one has many upgrades you will thoroughly enjoy as far as the firepower is concerned. The batmobile/tumbler looks like nothing compared to the cool new toys that Mr. Fox (Morgan Freeman) keeps adding to Batman’s armory. Besides that, hand to hand combat sequences have been used generously. Gotham is a city at war in The Dark Knight Rises, so Nolan has left nothing to the imagination when it comes to firepower and action in this one.   

The Dark Knight Rises in totality is a film with a lot of spirit. Especially the human spirit of endurance. A trait that has become synonyms with Batman as a character. Just like one sees in the entire series. Nolan is a magician when it comes to lifting any story and adding human spirit to it that never fails to inspire. So go discover Nolan’s mastery as he delivers yet another stellar Batman Movie that bears all his classic trademarks. Trademarks that fans seem to absolutely enjoy.   

Verdict: This seals the deal. The best superhero series on the big screen.  

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