Director: Rahi Anil Barve
Writers: Rahi Anil Barve, Adesh Prasad
Cast: Sohum Shah, Mohammed Samad

After six years in the making and premiering at the 33rd Venice Critics Week, Tumbbad is (finally) set to release theatrically this week. Apart from the trailer that has left us on pins and needles, the positive word of mouth has certainly added to the excitement.

Set in the British Raj era, Tumbbad is a smooth concoction of horror, mythology and fantasy. Tumbbad is a small village in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, where the folklores about chakwa, spirits and “unexplained” forces are aplenty. The film gives these folktales a nod as it revolves around a goddess who created the universe and her first-born, Hastar. When he gets greedy and keeps all the gold for himself, Hastar is banished and no one is allowed to worship him anymore. But when the equally greedy humans build a temple for Hastar, the consequences must be faced.

Tumbbad’s production house Sohum Shah Films has released a small clip from the film and it has already garnered around 6 million views. The sense of impending doom is palpable in this clip. Watch it right here.

Tumbbad is all set to release this week, on the 12th of October. Watch the trailer if you haven’t already. According to the critics, this film has reinvented the horror genre and we cannot wait to watch it. Read our Tumbbad review and get booking, like, now!