When Karan Johar produces a film with Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor in it, you know it’s going to be a fun-filled affair. Especially when the director is Vikas Bahl, who gave us the amazing, funny and lovable Queen. All the tracks from this film have lived up to the promise, and Raitaa Phail Gaya is no different. Amit Trivedi has proven that he can do commercially appealing music just as well as he does the more trendy and soulful stuff. 

The room was packed for the launch of this latest song, and the makers had a surprise for us. They had shot not one, but two music videos and the press had the honor of deciding which of the two you got to see! This creative approach to promoting the music must be lauded and it was. The bubbly Alia, who was just as chirpy on stage as she is on screen, left the stage with Shahid (whose peach shirt proved that straight men can wear that color), as Option 1 was revealed. It was quirky and colorful and went perfectly with the lyrics of the song. When Shahid and Alia drive a yellow helicopter into a Mount Rushmore-lookalike, you know ‘Raitaa Phail Gaya

Option 2 followed and it got a lot of cheers as Pankaj Kapur shook a leg, and Sanjay Kapoor shook much more. It featured a lot more characters from the film and was a riot of colors and costumes. 

As the votes were pouring in, Shahid was asked which one he liked better. Of course, he refused to choose but he did mention how much fun Option 1 was to shoot because there was no real choreography, and “kaafi saara rubbish hai”.

The results came in just as Shahid was talking about how he didn’t get to dance with his father, with Alia chipping in about how cool his dad is. Option 2 won! 68 to 38! So for now, you will only get to see the second music video! However, don’t lose heart because Vikas Bahl promised that Option 1 of Raitaa Phail Gaya will also be released at some point.

When asked what the lyrics mean, Alia seemed a little lost so Shahid chimed in that it is the feeling that you get when you pour a bowl of raita onto the table and spread it around with your hands, and you’re thinking, “Main kya kar raha hoon, par achcha lag raha hai!”. 

It has to be said, Shahid is just as funny and charming as you would imagine. And his chemistry with Alia was sparkling. We can’t wait to see them together on screen, but till then you can enjoy this video: 



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Here’s the Option 2 music video that was finally released. (FYI: yours truly voted for Option 1!)