When you have a film & comic universe as large as that of Marvel, you obviously offer a lot of fodder for jokes and gags. With characters like Tony Stark and Deadpool, quips, smart-alecky remarks and sarcasm are always on in full force. During the release of every major Marvel movie, there is always a slew of hilarious memes and comics created by loyal fans of the MCU- all in good humour. From some far-fetched fan fics, to some memes that are just plain ridiculous, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the funniest fan responses to the glorious world of Marvel Comics! 

These conspiracy theories about why Civil War is going to happen:
This hilarious Cyanide and Happiness sketch on Captain America:

This picture speaks for itself:

This brilliant pun which deserves a cookie:

Now we know why the Hulk is the best Avenger:

This conversation that happened between Iron Man and the Hulk:

And finally, these puns that are crying out for you to LOL:
All fun and games aside however, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us a lot of happy memories with our favourite superheroes. Here’s hoping that they continue that brilliant streak with Ant-Man, which released this weekend.